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Why Advertise with us?

Build your audience / target market
  • FREE: sign up to newsletters and website for potential customers
  • Advertise directly: with hundreds of end-users
  • Targeted at: Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Resorts, Motels, Schools, Caterers, Clubs, Nursing Holmes, Hospitals, Stores, Takeaways, Chefs, Cooks, Apprentice Chefs & Students, Owner Operators and more......
  • Newsletters will be sent to your targeted audience who have signed up (for FREE)
Increase Sales by Showcasing New Products
  • An ideal way to showcase new products to potential customers in areas you can not visit regularly
  • Direct customer contact with potential buyers
  • Direct link to your companies website and as well as your contact details for customers to order stock
  • Cost efficient
Get your company name out there
Advertising with us is Easy
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Why Advertise?

Build your Audience & Increase Sales

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How to Advertise

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